Disaster Recovery and Backup

Data availability, protection, and redundancy...without the costs!

Customer or employee data, financial and legal records, and day-to-day correspondence are examples of what make up all the vital information required to run a company successfully. What would happen if you came into your office tomorrow, powered up, and…nothing…it’s all gone. Minutes turn to hours, hours to days, days to weeks…time lost…productivity lost…organization lost. Echelon can design unique data protection solutions to integrate easily into your existing environment, protecting the investments you’ve already made in your infrastructure. Customers can expect a a return on their investment in just over 6 months!! Contact our IT Solutions Representatives at: IT-sales@echelonstrategies.com

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data-centers-security-bigDATA STORAGE

backup-large-redRECOVERY & BACKUP


network_designLAN / WAN SECURITY

virtualization_clip_image002VIRTUALIZATION/ CONSOLIDATION