Data Storage & Protection

Efficiently store, protect, and manage your information

Data growth and inefficient storage will lead to application performance problems. Organizations should design their storage approach based on three simple principles:

~  Reduce the amount of data stored using deduplication and compression technologies, reducing the volume of stored data by 50 to 80 percent, and improve application performance in the process.
~  Hierarchical storage management (HSM), a tiered storage approach keeps data used most often right at hand and less commonly used data is stored on a less costly storage solution.
~  Optimize the existing storage environment before making additional capital expenditures.

Echelon delivers data storage, protection solutions from the industries top providers ranging from disk, and tape based technologies, delivering cost-effective solutions that can have a high impact on improving the storage environment.

Our solutions include:

~  Primary & secondary storage
~  Scale-out or Scale-up storage
~  Data de-duplication
~  Data replication
~  Disk-based or tape –based backup and recovery
~  Data protection software

Echelon Strategies’ relationships with the industries leading providers of integrated storage solutions provide our clients the confidence and assurance that they can perform mission-critical applications with no fear of losing, overwriting, or compromising history. From simple, efficient unified storage to powerful, trusted, smart enterprise storage, our storage solutions meet your requirements precisely for the journey to your cloud. Contact our IT Solutions Representatives at:

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