Giving back to the Community

An opportunity to serve those who serve us...

Veterans’ Support Services

As Veterans, we know the value of the training, leadership, and dedication of recently transitioned servicemen and women. The tenants of “mission accomplishment” and “troop welfare” are engrained in us all. Some of our Veterans find themselves facing unexpected obstacles as they attempt to enter the civilian workforce. As a result of our Department of Veterans Affairs certification as a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business, we can participate in the VA’s “Veterans First” Contracting Program. This allows us to employ our Nation’s Warriors in positions to provide a valuable, continued “service” to our Veteran Community.



Years ago, a special business mentor emphasized the importance of philanthrophy as a core tenant of our corporate and social responsibility. It is our pleasure to be contributing members, lifetime members, and/or annual sponsors of the following organizations: